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A Tour Through Our Top El Dorado Hills California Neighborhoods

A Tour Through Our Top El Dorado Hills California Neighborhoods

El Dorado Hills as a whole is a place where community and the incredible outdoors seamlessly come together–almost as if it was specifically designed for anyone who loves nature. With plenty of parks, open spaces, trails, and expansive views that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, is it any surprise why people are so drawn here? 

Over the years, the inland community evolved to become one of the most quietly luxurious towns in the West Coast, home to prestigious amenities and carefully masterplanned neighborhoods complemented by incredible leisure facilities and educational institutions. Today, El Dorado Hills California has over 50 different neighborhoods–and each one offers its unique slice of Northern California living. 

There are definitely a lot of neighborhoods to explore in this town, but let’s start with some of our top picks: 

Southpointe and The Summit: Lakeside Luxury

Perched over the northern tip of El Dorado Hills, Southpointe is a gated community renowned for its custom homes with spectacular views of Folsom Lake. Here, life slows down so you have the time to appreciate the breathtaking sunsets. The winding streets of Southpointe are lined with meticulously crafted homes, each designed to maximize views and privacy, creating a tranquil retreat for its residents. Outdoor enthusiasts are also drawn to the nearby Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, where days can be spent exploring trails, boating, or simply soaking in the natural beauty of the area.

Just a stone's throw away, The Summit offers a distinct yet complementary experience. Its exclusivity is matched by its commitment to an environmentally conscious lifestyle, evident in the thoughtful landscaping that preserves the natural beauty of the neighborhood. The Summit is also known for its vibrant community spirit, best demonstrated in the regular social events that gather neighborhood residents regularly. These events, ranging from block parties to community yard sales, help a sense of belonging and offer residents the chance to define the unique vibe inherent to the district. 

, The Summit boasts proximity to top-rated schools, making it a coveted spot for families. Educational excellence is a hallmark of the area, with institutions like Oak Ridge High School offering outstanding academic and extracurricular programs. Meanwhile, the El Dorado Hills Town Center nearby serves as a cultural and commercial hub, where residents can enjoy incredible dining options, boutique shopping, and entertainment. 

The Promontory and Kalithea: Scenic Serenity

Head  into the center of  El Dorado Hills, and you find yourself in The Promontory, a network of gated communities offers architectural variety with El Dorado Hills California’s trademark views. Homes in this area range from patio homes to sprawling estates, each with a personality shaped by different builders and families that eventually come to enjoy the neighborhood. It's this mix that gives The Promontory its distinct community feel—emphasizing different experiences at every turn. At this part of El Dorado Hills, you're never far from a view worth stopping for and The Promontory knows this. The neighborhood is laid out with an eye for the dramatic landscapes surrounding it, ensuring that residents can always catch a glimpse of the incredible views.

Kalithea, the gem in The Promontory’s crown, raises the bar even higher. Streets here are a canopy of oaks, and homes are set against picturesque landscapes that artists dream of capturing. Kalithea knows how to blend luxury experiences with the laid-back ideals of suburban living. The neighborhood's heart is its community park—a spot where families gather, laughter echoes, and the world's hustle fades away.

Ridgeview and Governor’s Village: A Blend of Old and New

Ridgeview distinguishes itself by merging the architectural styles and integrity of older properties, with the modern aesthetic of newer builds. The mix contributes to the neighborhood's distinctive character, and alongside commanding views of El Dorado Hills California, serves to become the scenic backdrop of everyday life. 

The sense of community in Ridgeview is especially notable, marked by the genuine camaraderie among its residents. If there was ever any neighborhood in El Dorado Hills that could boost the living experience through the genuine warmth of the community, this is it. 

Governor’s Village mirrors the same sense of community. The architectural variety of Governor’s Village reflects the evolution of the area through the years–gracefully maintaining the balance between its historical roots and fusing it seamlessly with contemporary living. It's obvious how much residents prize the close-knit atmosphere that is inherent in the streets of this neighborhood, creating an engaging living environment that harks back to the architectural heritage of the area while adapting to modern conveniences. 

Serrano: Community and Nature in Harmony

Serrano Golf Course John Getchel

Serrano offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in Northern California, with the neighborhood sprawled across 1900 acres of greenery. Residents in Serrano often wake up with incredible views of the natural landscape, with the Sierra Nevada mountains peeking from a distance. 

The homes in Serrano are thoughtfully designed to complement everything the Serrano has to offer. With a mix of custom and semi-custom builds the architectural styles cater to diverse tastes, ranging from modern contemporary to classic Mediterranean. Large windows and outdoor living spaces are common features, designed to make the most of the stunning outdoor landscape and California’s favorable climate. 

The residents of Serrano are a mix of families, professionals, and retirees, creating a diverse yet cohesive community that underscores a strong sense of belonging with many social groups and clubs that bring people together based on their interests. It is also home to the prestigious Serrano Country Club, which offers world-class leisure and recreational facilities and amenities for members.

Blackstone: Modern Living in Nature’s Lap

Blackstone is a sprawling community with over 1,400 homes, each reflecting the latest in architectural design and contemporary living. The neighborhood of over 900 acres combines the ease of modern lifestyles with the beauty of the outdoors, creating an ideal setting for those who value both nature and convenience.

Leisure and recreation are integral to the Blackstone community. With abundant green spaces, parks, and playgrounds, there's always an opportunity for residents to engage in outdoor activities, whether it's a family picnic, a morning jog, or a leisurely evening walk. The neighborhood also boasts exclusive amenities, including a state-of-the-art clubhouse that serves as a center for community events and personal celebrations. 

Embracing the Best of El Dorado Hills California

El Dorado Hills California embraces a lifestyle where every day is enriched by the natural beauty of the town, the warmth of the community, and the conveniences of thoughtfully masterplanned neighborhoods. 

If you’re considering making El Dorado Hills your home, know that this is a place that brings people together in a genuinely special way and we’re here to help. Visit https://bio.site/onyxrealestate916


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