So, You’re Ready to Remodel

So, You’re Ready to Remodel

The Reality and What You Must Have Addressed!

Remodeling is something most of us dream about and yet dread all at the same time. It is exciting but we all know it is definitely not easy. Speaking from experience, consider these things before you start your next remodel project!
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Contracts & Permits

The number one thing you should do when beginning a remodel is to make sure you have a contract and permits in place! So many times lately we have come across homes with remodels where contractors didn’t pull any permits for the work done. This may cause an issue at resale. Don’t skip corners, just have the permits in place.
The contract should address a start and finish date, along with penalties if those dates are not met.
Also, make sure you have an addendum that spells out every detail of the scope. For example, let’s say you are redoing your plumbing. If you don’t specify copper pipes, they will give you PEX. Clear communication with your contractor is of utmost importance! It's okay to ask him/her for professional advice but make sure to have it in writing.
It will be impossible to anticipate everything that can happen, and unfortunately, there are always things that are missed. This will translate into more costs for you so always leave a little extra room in your budget for these incidentals.

Project Management

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Be ready to project manage! Even the best will require some supervision. I don’t know how many times I have had to pull out a contract to show the contractor that something that we had already agreed upon would need to be completed. If you’re second-guessing something being worked on, speak up and ask! I’ve been in a situation where I go along with the flow and in the end, it was not what I had envisioned. If I had spoken up to make changes earlier it could have been addressed and/or corrected at that time. Remodels are hard enough to live through without being stuck regretting the work that was done in the end.
I’ve been through this process many many times and it would be a shame if I could not share that experience to help you avoid some of the scary and unknown when it comes to remodeling.

Give me a call or shoot me a text, I’d love to chat through any of the remodeling projects you have coming up!


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